Why source from China?

Sourcing from China will give your business the competitive leverage it needs, if done correctly it has the ability to take your business to the next level. In the past only large companies were able to manufacture or source in China,however, with the rise of private label; micro, small and medium businesses now have access to these opportunities. Even though sourcing and importing goods from China has become easier and safer over the last few years most businesses still have challenges when sourcing due to cultural and language barriers just to name a few.

The safest way to ensure you are getting the best deal is to let a local professional expert source your product for you.

United Shipping Pro has been successfully sourcing products across industries within various product categories for our clients for years .We ensure that our customers are getting the best deals and value for their money.

Why outsource product sourcing?

Product Sourcing is an important aspect of your business why outsource it? Here’s why; when sourcing your own products you run many risks such as:

  • Entering into a relationship with a dishonest or incompetent supplier with low quality products.
  • Losing your money by paying through non-verified payment methods used by a lot of Chinese suppliers.
  • Entering into an agreement with a trader who has huge mark-ups on products and not an actual factory, when using sites like Alibaba.
  • Failed negations due to language and cultural barriers.

At United shipping pro we ensure a smooth process by: Identifying qualified suppliers based on your technical needs, conducting background checks on suppliers, negotiating the best prices on your behalf, visiting the supplier to ensure the goods being sourced are of high quality and then shipping your product to your door in the UK, Canada, the USA or any Amazon FBA center.

AVOID BAD SUPPLIERS AND DEALS! Let the experts source your products.

Product Sourcing Packages


$ 200

    • 1 Product
    • Quote from 3 Suppliers
    • Verification of company details
    • Free shipping quote
    • Free shipping quote
    • 10% off product photography


$ 450

    • 3 Products
    • Quote from 5 Suppliers
    • Verification of company details
    • Free shipping quote
    • 50% off pre- manufacture audit
    • 20% off product photography


$1200 (6 MONTHS)

    • Verification of company details
    • Free shipping quote
    • 1 Free pre- manufacture audit
    • Free Photography (1 Product)

Why Us?

  • Guaranteed Best Prices from Reputable Suppliers
  • Experienced team on the ground in China
  • Fast Turn Around Time on most products
  • Comprehensive, Easy-to- Understand reports
  • Excellent customer care and after sales service
  • Years of experience in Product Sourcing
  • Sample Consolidation

Here’s how we do it

United Shipping pro is the comprehensive solution for your importing and logistics needs this is how we do it:

Source Suppliers- United Shipping Pro has an existing database of qualified suppliers across industries that has been supplying for our clients for years, suppliers are selected based on your technical needs and other critical criteria. We also ensure that we are dealing directly with manufacturers and not traders claiming to be manufacturers who may have huge mark-up on products.

Selecting supplier- United Shipping pro will send samples along with in-depth sample reports to you so that you have all the information needed to make the best decision and choose the supplier that is a right fit for your business.

Verify company details- A rigorous background check is conducted on all our suppliers to ensure it’s a legitimate company that has experience in manufacturing.

Negotiate- Our negotiation team comprises of local experts who are highly qualified with years of experience. We see to it that you secure the best deal in terms of pricing, payment terms and trade terms.

Inspect- United Shipping pro conducts inspection to ensure the goods being sourced are conforming to international standards and are of the agreed Accepted Quality Level (AQL) requested by you.

Logistics- United Shipping pro manages everything from sourcing to inspection to shipping. We offer comprehensive solutions that meets and exceeds your importing and shipping needs.

Supplier Management

If you are already in business with a supplier but there is constant miscommunication because of the language barrier, delays in delivery of your product or slow response time, let our experts take over your management and deal with this tedious task while you focus on other things.

Custom Manufacturing (are we catering for clients that wants a product that isn’t yet in the Chinese market?)