Product inspection is a simple yet critical aspect of quality control it is important for ensuring that your products are being manufactured to meet your specification and Accepted Quality Level (AQL). Inspection at the various stages of the production process and before shipment can help you to avoid paying for defective or substandard products and also reputational or brand damage due to product re-calls.

At United Shipping Pro quality is our top priority and we want you to assist you in achieving and maintaining quality products by managing your quality control. We inspect to top international standards along with your list of specifications.


Benefits of Inspection:

  • Verification that the factory exists and is operational.
  • Evidence that the factory is able to manufacture your product.
  • Unbiased report and feedback on your products.
  • Verification that products being produced meet your requirements and AQL
  • Increased sales due to higher quality products
  • Less customer returns and good feedback

Why United Shipping Pro:

  • Comprehensive inspection reports with photographs
  • Experienced and Qualified Inspectors
  • All-Inclusive Pricing
  • Easy and Simple scheduling Online
  • Quick response time

Inspection Process

United Shipping Pro Offers three stages of inspection all of which are deemed extremely important and necessary for Quality Assurance. The Pre-Production and During production inspection procedures identifies production problems or bottlenecks at an early stage so that necessary corrections can be made, and pre shipment inspection verifies the quality of your product before shipment. All stages are recommended by United Shipping Pro because they are essential for quality assurance.

During production inspection (DPI)

Inspection during the production process is the most important method of attaining standardization, quality and uniformity. DPI is conducted when between 10-60% of your goods are manufactured and packaging for shipment has begun. It provides you and your supplier with feedback on production quality and gives the opportunity for implementation of any necessary corrective measure at an early stage.

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Pre-production inspection (PPI)

This is done before production has begun, PPI allows you to identify any quality risks before manufacturing commences and also helps you to ascertain if your supplier is capable of manufacturing your products on schedule and according to your specifications.

United shipping pro’s inspectors will visit your supplier’s factory and conduct an on-site inspection of the machineries and raw materials that will be used to manufacture your products.

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Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

Also called Final Random Inspection (FRI), is conducted to check the quality of your product before it is shipped. It is an important step in the quality control process and also helps in determining if goods produced are conforming to your specifications and AQL. PSI is conducted by United Shipping Pro any time between when production is at least 80% completed and when products are packaged and ready for shipment.

Our qualified inspectors run on-site tests based on International standards. We conduct systematic inspections on a sample of goods selected randomly to ensure that goods produced meets your requirement and AQL.

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Product Inspection Packages


$ 205

  • Get to know your factory
  • Ensure that they have the capacity to produce
  • Scrutinize certification and assess samples
  • Discuss and asses your production needs in depth


$ 205

  • Save time, make sure production is on schedule
  • Ensure specifications are being followed
  • Check the correct quality materials are being used
  • Ensure your production goals are being met

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

$ 205

  • Check final product against contract and goals
  • Ensure that final packaging, quantity and labels are correct
  • Carry out drop test to ensure packaging can withstand shipping
  • Final and most preferred verification before products are shipped out


$ 599

  • Includes all features of pre, during and post production inspections
  • Most sure way to ensure an excellent product
  • Cheaper than carrying out individual inspections
  • Reduces risk of product failure